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27th Aug 2020, 7:41 PM


Chapter 6 wrap up

So, I did wrap up chapter 6 a little while ago, which i'm pretty glad about. Finishing this chapter was a lot of early mornings and late evenings propped up by coffee. It also finally revealed one of my favorite short lived characters in this series, the Goat Man which over time i've grown exceptionally fond of (more on that later). Finishing this chapter meant a lot to me, after being forced off working on the comic since moving (and starting my first job here shortly after) which being exhaused with left no energy for even regular artistic pursuits.
Currently, i'm acclimating to a less demanding job so i've left the comic on hiatus for the time being. A non shifting schedule and more free time means as soon as I feel fitted into a routine, I can fit comic time into my evenings just like I used to. I'm happy so long as I don't have to cut drawing out of my life.

Writing and storytelling have been part of my obsessive thought since my very early childhood. Drawing, that is something i've also always done, has been an outlet for that and the day characters and ideas were concieved and put together I have never stopped thinking about them. So this series, characters and stories have become very close to my heart. I've also learned many things in the pursuit to make the stories "real" other than just ideas. Making comics is among the most difficult, time intensive activities i've ever done. With that in mind I didn't just start drawing COTS one day thinking I could do it, or that I knew how to do it right off the bat. I had to make a lot of mistakes. It's a never ending cycle of starting from square one. But I wanted it to be great, I want it to be something valued by others as much as myself. I am still learning how to make it better.

I think I can't reasonably expect everyone to understand what it took to get even this far. It's simple to take the creations for grated, especially for those who don't draw comics or make art; but one day I wish to be owed a modest respect for the fruits of my labor. That's all. Thanks for reading.