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24th Aug 2019, 10:39 PM


The longest wait ever

It's true. At this point since I began i've been able to publish at least 2 chapters a year, or one. But it's almost been a year and i'm still only halfway through.
Things have been difficult. Impossibly difficult. But by the end of may things seemed to be looking up, for a while everything was okay. Despite working a full time job I was pushing on getting  inking done and things were moving ahead. But then sometime in june, my cat had an emergency complication. We barely scraped by and brought her out of it, everything was back to normal even if it meant I exhausted my savings, Close to the end of july, it returned, and she died. She meant everything to me because I spend a lot of time alone due to school and work schedules, I haven't been the same since. I can't focus on art, or drawing. My thoughts have railroaded into looking for a new therapy cat, which has become desperate and obsessive. This whole year has been nothing but constant battles, whether it's people, or fighting to steel myself through long, often physically intense hours at work. I hope the future will be better so I can continue drawing this comic.