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28th May 2019, 5:50 AM


Some good news, and moving forward

It's exactly what it says on the tin. 17 pages later, the sketches for chapter 6 are complete, and i'm pretty satisfied with the direction, i'm sure others will too. The hardest part for me to overcome is transfering the thumbnails to sketches on manuscript, because there are times where I have issues with how to detail a particular panel, or the page doesn't flow right and this happens pretty often. I regret this and the amount of time it takes me, however, it would be worse if I wasn't happy with it!! (Then I wouldn't want to draw it at all)

Today I finished something else. My revision for chapter 1! Yes, my ambitious project is moving. It is nearly 15 pages shorter than the original 1&2. I decided to make it one chapter instead of two. Most of it is fight scene! Exciting! I want to start drafting it into thumbnails asap. Also, I will not be secretive about this production because it's a revision. I want to talk all about it, and will, hehe.
Following the end of the introduction arc, I will introduce a new scene with Manny I planned to originally take place after the current arc. Will I choose to spoil it?

Gonna have to think about that one :)

I also realize that this is probably the longest break between uploads ive taken in a long time. The blowback on moving and essentially working full time has been pretty bad. I might do it just because of that.