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11th Dec 2018, 4:02 AM


progress and new developments...

Things are definitely coming along now although not as quickly as I wish, it is happening. Sketching always takes the longest for me to complete! So far i've added 3 pages of sketches.
In other news, I have decided to move forward with something else pretty big.
So it's always been my dream to print my own comic, that i'd still really love to follow through with- only there's been a problem standing in the way of that. The resolution for the first 4 chapters is too low to print. Since trying to deal with it, it's been a frustrating disaster. I only rectified the problem when I started chapter 5. That's 75 pages that will never see print.

So I decided, with the resolution problems, and a lot of scripting errors I had in chapters 1-4, I would start again while at the same time continuing the comic.
Now this is a big work in progress, i'm working to also fix errors and remove excess that was originally present. I'm not in a hurry to finish it. After all, it's presence is only marginally important at the moment. The new edition will only be clarifying some things and adding minorly to others since it's just a rescripting. A lot of it will be the same, just condensed or improved.
Either way, i'm not dreading it in the slightest. I haven't felt any pressure to do it, and still don't, it'll happen when it happens. Actually, i'm pretty excited. I hope others will be too.