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12th Aug 2018, 1:58 AM



Chapter 5 is finally done! Things are coming along, and i'm proud of how I was able to complete this one, with no big problems.Well, it's come lately that i'm going to be moving away. It's very big for me, it's going to take me a long time to find work, and get settled in. It's scary, and i'm not sure how my life is going to go in the next few months. That being said, because of this I have to put the comic on hold as much as I would love continuing the chapter- it's just going to have to wait. Possibly for a while.
But for now, I have a handful of fun extra stuff I want to post here and there. I also have a one shot in the works which is something new and completely different. I may or may not have more freedom to complete this one shot, due to the fact that it's a fun side project free from the chains of a longform story. I'm not too optimistic regardless, as the future is just uncertain for me.

But In any case, yes, I hope this chapter was a fun read. I am anticipating where it is going next, I hope others are as well.
As always I will continue to post updates as my situation evolves.