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11th Jun 2018, 3:58 PM



It's now June 11th, with 8/19 pages posted. So far there's 6 more pages on the back end, and 5 more to fully complete, which is pretty good. This chapter has been a nice run so far, i've never been at any point where I had a buffer of any size, it's highly likely the buffer will be complete before the 20th of next month. With that, i'd like to say cautiously, that sketches for the next chapter haven't started yet. Sketching is my least favorite part of the process and I tend to drag my ankles because of that. So either people will be sitting on the cliffhanger for a while longer, or it will be a rushed mess. I prefer the former to the latter, being happy with the current pages published.

In other news, I'm scheduled for a change in scenery anywhere from september to november- which is to say that isn't very far off, and because situations surrounding moving are a hassle it could halt production for a while. Of course i'll be posting more information about that as it comes.

And in other other news, still looking to set up a website, but I haven't made progress on that. I also wanted to start advertising with project wonderful... except it shut down abruptly today. I'll have to keep exploring my options.