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5th Jan 2018, 2:05 PM


Happy New Year!

It's 5 days into 2018 now. I didn't decide to make any posts about it initially I changed my mind, although I don't have much to share.
I started this year not with any promises but with some goal in mind, which was to try and complete more than a few chapters worth of work or maybe even more. But pressing on early into the year things spun downward very fast, and it just never seemed to let up. I have this frequent "amnesia" when it comes to drawing these pages. I can spend so much time trying to figure out a scene, but end up with only a handful of pages- when it's all over I ask myself what happened that it took so much time? Well. I take all the initiative.To draw, to write, to plan. Let me remind you the comic is a cooperation, yes! And I appreciate Squiggs' input as he's made some very valuable decisions for the comic's direction. But regardless of the value of any ideas or direction given, the workload i'm taken is heavy. Therefore slow. I struggle to balance my job and a pursuit based on creativity, a thing which by itself can't be forced. I think if this was my job things could be a little different, but it's not. It's a long ways off from being one. Well, enough complaining!

Sometimes you fail. I failed to meet the initial goal. It's not the worst, putting out around 30 pages, but i'd like to do better this year if I can. I'd have to say despite all that i'm pretty excited about the upcomig chapter!
I'm attempting to build a buffer of some kind, which explains the absence of pages for now. Currently there are about 20 pages planned (the sketches are laid) out, I am attempting to finish planning the first segment of this chapter before moving on.
As for my plans for this year, i'd have to say i'm pretty lost in my ambitions. I want to do more, accomplish more than I have at the bare minimum. Maybe depending on how things pan out, I could set up my own Ko-Fi or Patreon. Speaking of which i've held off doing- not for noble reasons (yeah i'd like to make money from this comic, in my wildest dreams) but for it's own sake. There's no point at purchasing advertising space, setting up patreon or any of those things, if i'm not regularly publishing pages (I think it would rub off as a let down to prospective readers). Well, I guess you could say my goal is to reach the point of regularity.

We never know what tomorrow holds, so all we can do is try our best today.
Happy 2018