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17th Nov 2017, 5:08 PM


Unexpected Hiatus.

There's been a lot of things putting my work on hold this year. Not having a room to sleep in, getting slammed with work has been my major one. But today (coincidentally following a horrible breakdown the previous night) I turn on my computer to find that the hard drive crashed. What does that mean, well, it means I have to get a new computer to start. I was smart and backed up what was most important- Art and work files are on an external drive, recent work is copied to a usb. But that still means that I lost a lot of things important to me. Including my art programs (and their specific settings), personal pictures, and music. It might be easy to tell, i'm not really happy about anything, or my life which is in disorder. There's a chance I can recover the disk, but it'll be some time after I have a new desktop set up before I can really know if that's possible. In any case all this means I have to put the upload status on hiatus, since all I can really do is ink art work in my own time.
It'll take a few weeks before i'm settled in and have everything computer related back in order. But that's a generous estimate.

Sorry for the inconveniences. I still have good feelings about the upcoming chapter though, so please stay tuned for an update.