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11th Nov 2017, 11:15 AM


Progress update 2

     Back with a look into how things are going. There's good and bad news!
The good news is that chapter 5 is coming along in terms of writing, better than anticipated. I have 12 sketches finished, for now it may be okay to stop and move onto inking. Better news is that I was able to pick up reading Kaiji again, which has sparked something in me. Pacing! Suspense! Action! Adrenaline! Now I see it all! I want to structure my comic in a cool way like Fukumoto. I even went back last night, threw out a page in order to create 3 more (lol). The bad news is, this only just happened in the last week. I've been utterly exhausted due to work, I do not much more than eat and sleep. And maybe for someone who has been keeping up with the comic (I do not know or not) I haven't dropped a page since I ended chapter 4 in July. There were times I heavily considered quitting my job and moving on, being overloaded is too much stress to bear at times. For this reason I apologize for times where I seem totally inactive. Not just comics, but duties have piled up I have not tended to in my own life!
     I predicted some slowness, but I didn't even predict I would be this slow. However! I push forward hoping tomorrow will be different.
I am holding my own this time again, however. Once a sizeable batch of pages is complete, I will resume uploading. Readers or none, the show will go on when it goes.

In other news, there have been a couple of things on my mind. Advertising, web building, donation buckets and things like that. I know it might sound silly that I haven't done any of that yet, maybe it is or isn't. The fact of the matter is that for whatever miniscule readership I hold, I am simply not responsible yet to ask for money. It's more of a matter of letting people down including myself, if I did any more than I normally do to gather attention only to sparsely update or not give readers what they want. It makes me sad. As for web building, I tried to make my own site a little while ago... but I failed. I think I need help setting up something like that. So I guess i'm still trapped using CF as a main host.
That's all for now.