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5th Sep 2017, 9:32 PM


progress update

So, i'm here with an update I should have posted a while ago (which has been apparent over my twitter)
Three weeks ago, a leak started dripping from our bedroom ceiling. The leak, dripping for over a day and a half left a rancid smell and mold that had forced us both to sleep in our main room which we are still currently doing. What this meant was that i've been for the larger part unable to work at my desk, slowing whatever work I could be doing. Combined with an insane work week, everything has pretty much come to yet another halt which I am sorry to inform.
Here's the good news! Squiggs has stopped having violent asthmatic reactions towards being in our bedroom. Being that I have no sensitivity to this and he does, that generally means it's safe to dwell in here again, so I can return happily to my desk and computer. Magnifique! Things are mostly okay, but I am still sleeping on the air mattress because it's more comfortable than a bed which is arguably as old as me.

As far as production direction, besides an obvious delay, you can expect more because of my choice in direction. It's not a bad thing! I have decided to focus much more on the planning aspect in this turn, which means putting sketches and revisions ahead of inking and finalization. I am not attempting to be perfectionist in this way, but it is intended to catch the obvious mistakes that are not obvious to me so that this chapter can be the best of my abilities.
That's all for now!