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31st Jul 2017, 10:03 PM


Conclusion of introductions and moving forward

Chapter 4 is over. Sadly, it's been a long 3 months since it began.
Emergency hiatus, numerous and constant revising and severe lack of plan made 12 pages take the time of 20. To add to that, that lack of oversight in writing and drawing meant errors that probably could've been avoided.
Nevertheless, it's behind us now, and we've anticipated the next chapter highly for quite some time. To boot, there's some art I made for the next chapter (nothing TOO spectacular) i've been dying to get out when the time is right. I'm really banking on chapter 5 being quite fun, as it has entertained me for quite some time so i've even holding off spoiling information on it to close pals. I can only hope I may be able to execute the ideas exactly and do the best I possibly can this time around.

In other news though, it's going to be undetermined when chapter 5 will begin. There's plenty of work to be done hashing out thumbnails, batch drawing sketches and overall making sure i'm well prepared the pages are finalized in ink. It'll also be chock full of new skill related challenges, so i'll have to be prepared to tackle that.
As always i'll be posting progress updates on twitter as I go and attempting to remain vocal and active in the matter.