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11th May 2017, 4:33 PM


color and disclaimers

Seems like it did take a while for me to actually get back on my feet, and I apologize even if I'm the one suffering the most from my delay. Not a whole lot of news to share, but I got a couple of things i'd like to talk about. One, would be colors. I did decide to include some nice color spreads for the cover and first two pages. So no, it's not a permenant transition to colorized work, but I decided to include these as a nice treat which I will do every now and then.  The cost of this treat is more time and attention paid towards finished work, so I don't plan to do it all too often.

Two, is the addition of a disclaimer. While this was intended for Tapastic, I also chose to put it here for the sake of keeping everything mostly the same. CF has it's own disclaimers, which is why I didn't feel it was necessary before, but I didn't consider that Tapastic had no such thing for comics other than the ability to spoiler select pages.
A while ago I thought about switching the genre from horror to drama, or mystery, and quickly retracted from that thought. "Horror" is a term relevant as soon as the very next chapter. I think for the most part, I'd prefer not to surprise anyone too much considering the level of content planned now and for the future. "Disturbing" themes and imagery have always thrilled me in stories and sparked my own imagination, which is what a lot of COTS is going to end up focusing on. I've always been the kind of person who loved getting huge reactions out of people, and COTS is intended to do it with 100% certainty.

So yes, in any case. What I mean to say is that whether it's being un "PC" which bothers you (which some characters certainly are), or you're just faint hearted. I don't want my audience to feel decieved when they see something they don't like and expected something different, but I especially want to make it clear for my sake. I wasn't about to spell it out to the letter and TRIGGER WARNING, THIS THIS THIS etc, I have some faith my readers can understand what "Discretion" means. That's why i'm making it a huge deal.