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19th Jan 2017, 3:06 PM


news update

This is coming late but I figured I would still address it.
The second chapter has come to a close. One and two were parts of a series (introduction) that is cut into three parts, with the third currently on the way. There are many more things to do though, daunting tasks like scripting chapter 4 and 5.

In reviewing the past two, it has been a rocky and tough start. Inconsistantcies abound, and the art is shaky as I was still in the middle of figuring out what to do. I am still in the midst of learning the ins and outs of manga and sequential art, so I expect there will be mistakes- but they should even out as I become more experienced and it will progress naturally. I will not go back and redraw pages, what's done is done.
In the mean time I have no idea what to do for promotional works, banners, icons, etc. I don't know the first thing about setting up a website either unfortunately, so I am trapped using comic fury for my hosting needs until something better is worked out. But that's all asides.

I'm happy to say the story will be passing it's 50th page. Though I hear artists sometimes don't make it very far past this point, I have so much more to show and tell that I could not even consider forgetting about it. COTS is my hearts obsession, full of wonderful characters and unfathomable terror. I only dream that others can one day understand my passion. I will keep working to make those dreams come true!