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12th Oct 2015, 4:18 AM


Considering something

Since I was 11, I have loved writing. But I've never been a good story teller, which is one of those things I feel very bad about. Despite this, I read a lot about how to write well and I observe good writing (and bad writing) to see what is a good idea for a story. Recently, I heard something from someone online. They talked about how after reviewing their first chapter, they realized it was wholly unnecessary. But not only this, but other writers feel that way a lot as well. After reviewing my own work I was shocked to notice that I was the same way, and now I am considering slashing my first chapter and letting chapter 2 be the first chapter instead. The story hardly shuffled an inch in the beginning, much of it was talking which bugs me. I feel like it is boring.
I think people might think it means I wasted a lot of time, but in any case, I'm not bothered by this at all. It takes a very long time for good ideas to come to me, and this isn't different from any other. It's just another thing i've learned which will help me do better in the future.