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23rd Sep 2015, 8:43 PM



Lately, I've had trouble settling on exactly what I should draw this thing in. Traditional has a lot to offer, but at some cost. For example, my hands aren't hurt so much, so I can draw much faster. The trade off is that with my paper size, I can't make the pages are detailed. Nib pens might allow me to squeeze in a bit more, but not quite as much as I could do digitally.
The problem with digital is that I kung fu grip my pen, my hand becomes very sore. It took me most of today with pretty much no breaks just to finish page 12, which is ridiculous for how little it is. (Although, I guess I can't complain a whole lot here, most pages take days more because i'm distracted, or I get frustrated)
So, I apologize for my flip floppishness. It's like the quality can't stay the same for 3 pages, either due to time delays, or an inability to decide exactly how to go about creating the comic itself.
(I'm sure the sudden addition of tones is noticible...)
But this is only why recieving feedback is so vital to me, because I can only do so much myself to understand what works and what doesn't.
In any case, I wish to press on no matter how horrible it becomes!