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13th Jun 2015, 10:31 AM


Medium hiatus

I've decided to move my main medium over to traditional, however i've barely held a dip pen in my short lifetime. What that means is that i'm going to practice with the dip pens we had I apparently never knew about while my manuscript paper and g pen nibs ship. In the meanwhile, i'll be going to grab my other supplies from the local brick and mortar.
Unfortunately it looks like it might take forever for my ordered materials to arrive, but on the other hand it's more time to practice and complete thumbnails, scenes, etc.
I decided to go this route due to the idea that it might be more comfortable for me to work with. Now, maybe if I had a cintique or something it'd be a different story maybe. Hopefully it means things will be better overall from here on out, although I don't predict the pace of my work to necessarily be faster. In any case, i'll be leaving the story on hiatus until I resume production.