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27th Apr 2015, 9:19 PM



My new Intuos Pro arrived today!
So far, it's pretty alright. Although, I really liked my hard, plastic-y surface that I had on the previous one. While I don't particularly care if it's wireless or not, the one thing that I have a problem with right now is the same issue I had with my Turcom, and that is that A, the usb is detatchable and B, I don't sit in a chair or at a proper desk. This is why I had to drop the Turcom to begin with and fork over money for something new. Worse, I heard that the Intuos Pro has had the same usb issues. But on the plus side it is wireless. The only drawback (urgh pun) is the need to charge it now and again. In the meanwhile I don't know what to do with my poor out of commission Turcom. I don't blame it although it was cheap, for what it was I had absolutely no problems with it and it is fantastic. I am partially to blame for sitting on the floor I guess.
Compared to the Turcom, the surface is only marginally smaller. The pressure is fantastic, just as good as the previous- and with double the pressure sensitivity than the old Intuos 3, it's really a no contest to how much more of an improvement it is. The pen is alright, light, the grip doesn't hurt my fingers because of the kind of rubber the pen uses unlike the Turcom pen. It was a bit heavier making it quite clunky since it requires a AAA battery. My main guff with the Turcom was it's pen, which feels just god awful. I have a big ugly callous on one of my fingers which feels terrible without some additional cushion so comfort and strain reduction on my fingers and knuckles is really a must. That being said i'll only be able to tell with time how my hands will feel after drawing for about 30 minutes or so.
Testing it, at first I was frustrated that placing a dot and lifting the pen produced a little streak. But I quickly realized that it was my stabilizer setting. I always have had it set to 15 but never encountered this issue before. I set the stabilizer to 0 and that problem is eliminated entirely. Strange, though.

Well, if I consider the issues I could possibly run into with this one and be smart and try to avoid them, hopefully that'll mean that this will be my friend for the years to come. I'm not the kind of person who'll run after brand new shiny gadgets or even really want many things at all.
'Cept a Cintiq, that's a dream of mine to have.

Well, this means I can finally start working again. And even better, I can draw on my computer at all without having to worry about straining myself with that old... scratched up... old corpse of a tablet...

I'm so relieved!