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11th Apr 2015, 11:58 PM


more bad news

My tablet is severely malfunctioning. I've had it since December, but it seems like the usb connecting the tablet is acting up and being very sensitive. Because I sit on the floor, it's possible that because of how it rests on my lap that it has been stressed to the point of not wanting to work properly anymore. It either acts very strange, doesn't recognize when wiggled lightly, or if it does work the pressure sensitivity doesn't react...

I still have the 8 year old wacom, it works but the surface is heavily scratched and the pressure is shot causing my hands to cramp when I draw because I grip my pen too hard. I don't know if I could reinstall the drivers for it on this computer, because I can't uninstall the drivers for the current tablet. I guess I could really try if I wanted to.
Things are really hard right now and I can't afford a tablet...