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7th Apr 2015, 4:44 PM


fun junk

Page 19 is finally done, and there's a pretty obvious error there, but if you're as unkeen as I am you would've missed it.
I've had a lot of work stress for the past couple of weeks or so, piled with a lot of other health related fears I can't afford to pay for at the moment that have recently come about lately. I haven't been drawing or doodling at all because of it.
I also don't know if it's the stress or what, but i've been stricken with some kind of perception loss, constantly reading things wrong or misremembering often. This could be worse for me when trying to draw this story, as i'm already pretty apparently bad with remembering subtle but important details.
My little 3 day vacation this week might grant me the needed rest, but I doubt it will pull me out of my trouble as reality doesn't suddenly disappear like that.
This downtime is expected to continue until I get better I guess. I'm sorry.