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8th Mar 2015, 1:07 AM


Break soon.

Since around the end of Febuary, I've been working pretty hard. Little over a month, and i've already added several pages with one more on the way- that's about a page once every 2 or 3 days. However, I have one thumbnail left drawn up I haven't touched, meaning i'm going to need time to plan more. Not only that, but i'm feeling a bit burned out. I'm not wanting to draw much of anything right now which is slowly leeching into my desire to draw pages. Want to! But i'm mentally very tired at the moment.
I'm currently working on 16, and it should be done likely the day after tomorrow or so depending on how I'm feeling. What this means is after that (I will maybe, just maybe do 17), I take time to do more writing and more page mockups. Hopefully i'll be up to return to work after i'm satisfied with what i've made.

Bad news is that I don't really know when i'll be done with that. I'm incredibly fickle, often do the direct opposite of my plans or take a new route altogether. It is as I like to say, "You do not know what happens tomorrow." However one thing is certain at the moment, and that is that for the most part, I don't want to draw or doodle at all.
No no don't fret! This isn't some indefinate hiatus. I will certainly update with any progress I make behind the scenes.
But writing and formulating new ideas is probably one of the most time consuming things I have to do, as many of the ideas I get to add to or modify this story are entirely spontaneous. I have very little assistance with writing and, despite the fact that this is somewhat of a joint project, i'm doing all of the work to put my work in motion. It has already been over a year since I began to sculpt this story together.
Creating a comic is a lot, a lot of hard work. If you want it to be good.