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2nd Mar 2015, 3:23 AM



I'm sorry updates have been so fucking slow. But I haven't really felt like doodling or sketching much, however I have been working on this darn thing periodically. So the good news is that i’m working at the moment and I’m thinking page 12 should be done pretty soon, i’ll likely post it around tomorrow afternoon or evening if that’s the case.

Really, giving it a once over here and there i’m not terribly proud of what I have so far, feels pretty bluergh and i’m kind of embarrassed… But, you know, I really expected it to be that way since this is my first project. In any case, I should learn more things with time and things will hopefully get better quality wise, and we’ll find the balance. All that aside, I find no reason to somehow go and waste my time redrawing the first pages or something just because I find them lacking. That would be ridiculous.

This whole thing is coming along in a slow agonizing way kind of like trying to pull off a really long scab. I’m especially restless about wanting it to finally be where I want it, but I find i’m kind of locked in position similar to how one would be locked in traffic. “Just do it!” Is really easier said than done, and my last attempt to machine print pages ended in me not drawing at all, being sick and depressed. The lesson learned was that the only consequence there was not in fact, good. And there’s the thought that I probably could have made more if I just fucking relaxed and worked on things when I actually wanted to work on them.
Honestly though in a way i’m not all that upset about it, since it gave me time to write the story out better. It sucked, sure, and god damn did that suck. But even then, I didn’t spend every waking moment up to this point crying or twiddling my thumbs. Srs.

I saw a dumb thing today, which brought to my attention cartoonists and their audiences. I like One Punch Man, a manga by Yusuke Murata. Now, for the record, his edition of One Punch Man (the original comic is by One) is done entirely by himself (he rarely asks for help from other artists) So it's a one man gig. Typically it updates once a month and chapters are shorter than most would prefer I think. But holy hell dat quality. Murata puts in fucking sane amounts of quality into his pages. It's astounding he does this all by himself, and finishes a chapter a month, sometimes he even streams as he works. Jesus Christ.
What I saw was someone complaining that he wasn't updating enough. Course, this also came out of ignorance so I forgive 'em. But it made me think. People think cartoonists are like machines or something, but the work is painstaking and mentally exhausting. If this is your money maker I can also see this attitude simply adding to the stress.
So, future note, please give us some credit. Artists are not machines.