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19th Jan 2015, 5:31 AM


I am alive

Yep here I am. Not posting, but I have been working on the story, changing a lot of shit and just trying to get a lot of things figured out
No one said starting a webcomic from the ground was easy plegh, which means edits out the wazoo while I try to get comfortable. First of those, scrapped the current page 8 and am about to throw out a new one. Also looking to redo the chapter page... Two things: I am absolutely horrible at sound effects, and giving things a title. Our onomatopoeia situation hasn't been improved. But, I have finally got a great idea for titling particular chapters planned. And it took long enough.
Other changes:
-darkened our MC's hair
-changed the line art
-different texture applied to finished pages
-final resolution of the page to be scaled down and keeping the original pages, but posting most shrunk to something close to 700x900. To increase readability while keeping the level of detail I may want.
Updates will be sporadic and slow as fuck, but not guaranteed to die since this story is practically my life.

Maybe i'll set up a separate blog for more character scribbles n shit. Putting it on the backburner though, with some other obligations at the moment. That's all for now.