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26th Aug 2014, 4:00 AM



I'm sorry i've been away. I've been having one of those rare moments where I haven't even touched my pen. You know what they say, "Life finds a way"
In this case, "Life finds a way" translates into life finds a way- to both build and destroy you. I can't force myself to work and if I do, the work will be shit. Honestly it's been extraordinarily difficult to even put my socks on.
But it's no reason to worry. In a typical week there are pretty much no brakes on the art train, whether it be serious drawings or stupid doodles. I never take long to get back on the horse because drawing is something of a really weird internal compulsion for me. I need to do it. Why? That's not even a question I can answer.
Buuuuut I took some time to unkink the knots in my plot stuff and work some shit out before it gets into the thick of it. And I mean I did this only a couple of hours ago. I found a way to make it a million times more interesting but of course it needs to be nudged in appropriately so it all fits together all neat and nice like. And gathering ideas and observations about stuff is always helpful, which I've been doing.

I think (I hope) I'm starting to pull myself out of this mental trough i've been suffering. Sometimes it can kick but it never lasts forever.