City of the Sun

When a string of events leaves him parted from his surrogate father, Rilind becomes a ghost of the roads. Though he's considered little more than a local urban legend by society, he's venerated by homeless and drifter alike for his strange power- threads that can heal the sick. One night he's called upon to rescue a different friend of the homeless- who turns out to not be just the opposite of any friend, but a crass, sharp nosed, meat eating vampire! It's not long before their fates become entwined- literally and figuratively, in the search to find the culprit which haunts his past.

18th Jul 2020, 2:59 PM


When waiting even longer

It's true that while fighting things like exhaustion and debilitation, it's easy to lose sight of your most prized goals.
But then, with the spirit of reckless youth and the presence of a unique opportunity as spontaneous as the many bad ones in the prior year, I decided to chase my goals again. Things have been okay for now, the chapter I should have completed long by now is finally getting wrapped up- with half of the chapter finished by the end of the week. As usual i'm beating myself over the head about any wasted time, but i'm fighting to do it and picking up the pen has become easier than ever. I even started sketches of the redraft i'd been long planning.
This week has been one of my busiest as I did nothing but sleep and push pages, I even started to like it, never have things been so simple and so difficult all at once. Could I actually become who I wish I was? Could this really be my job?
Maybe one day. It'll be even longer before something like that happens.



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