City of the Sun

When a string of events leaves him parted from his surrogate father, Rilind becomes a ghost of the roads. Though he's considered little more than a local urban legend by society, he's venerated by homeless and drifter alike for his strange power- threads that can heal the sick. One night he's called upon to rescue a different friend of the homeless- who turns out to not be just the opposite of any friend, but a crass, sharp nosed, meat eating vampire! It's not long before their fates become entwined- literally and figuratively, in the search to find the culprit which haunts his past.

10th Nov 2018, 6:16 AM


a little progress

Just a minor update on things, the thumbnails for chapter 6 are finished making 13 pages total so I should be good to start the sketching process any time. Things in life are also becoming more stable as time goes on, so I may soon find time to resume the real work. Hopefully soon I may purchase a scanner so that when it comes pages can become finalized, but as it stands it isn't needed yet. So this is good news. I may post sneak peak sketches through twitter when the time comes!

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