City of the Sun

When a string of events leaves him parted from his surrogate father, Rilind becomes a ghost of the roads. Though he's considered little more than a local urban legend by society, he's venerated by homeless and drifter alike for his strange power- threads that can heal the sick. One night he's called upon to rescue a different friend of the homeless- who turns out to not be just the opposite of any friend, but a crass, sharp nosed, meat eating vampire! It's not long before their fates become entwined- literally and figuratively, in the search to find the culprit which haunts his past.

3rd Sep 2021, 11:39 AM


Important news!

For those of you that are subbed on CF, I opened up a Patreon page at the start of August last month. Since then I have been slaving tirelessly and yesterday a new chapter was published. It was not exactly on the first of the month as I wanted, but I was able to more or less meet my personal goal.
At the moment I have the opportunity to focus solely on my work which means from this point on until further notice you should see a chapter a month.
I am also working on redrawing this comic's first 5 chapters. It will include new scenes and some changes. It will also be posted separately to avoid confusion between the old and new, this page will be kept as an archive for the old work. So it will be linked next month when the first half of the new chapter 1 is released (the page count is kind of hefty, so it will be split into two releases)
Keep an eye out, there is much more to come. And if you are interested in supporting me, my patreon and subscribestar can be found here:



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